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Say goodbye to the risks and limitations of spreadsheets. Simplify, automate and scale complex trust operations without growing your headcount.

Welcome to the future of treasury and structured finance software.

Trust Management Software


Trust Management

Simplify and automate the complex processes and calculations of trust management. Replace Excel spreadsheets with a robust, scalable platform that monitors, controls and reports on trust performance and drives efficiency and accuracy.

Treasury Forecasting and Modelling

Real time data and tools that help you make the right decisions. Take the current characteristics of an active or proposed trust to allow for the modelling of future performance outcomes based on the variance of business and environmental factors. Use scenario modelling of concentration limits and portfolio parameters to understand and optimize liquidity.

Trust Optimization

Distil insights and knowledge from complex data sets in order to meet compliance criteria whilst optimizing business outcomes. Sequential's Trust Optimization software helps you analyse and optimize the movement of assets to improve the financial performances of trusts and warehouse facilities. Drive more profit from optimal capital allocation and scale up capability as you grow.




When you work with Sequential you're partnering with a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs who have built products used by hundreds of banks, lenders and financial services providers. We balance the requirements of the trust management and optimization tools you need today with building the products and features of the future.


Off the shelf software doesn't have the flexibility you need to run your structured finance program. Customizations are expensive and slow. Sequential is different - we've built a flexible, secure, modern tech stack that grows with your business. Utilise our APIs or hosted platforms. We love building features and functionality that others don't - if it's valuable to you, it's worth us building.

Risk-free onboarding

The number of failed software implementations by other vendors in this space is horrific. Sequential removes the implementation risk by not charging hefty upfront fees or consulting rates. We work with you closely to ensure you onboard successfully and benefit from the expected efficiency and profit gains.

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